More than thirty years of experience, know-how in traditional methods and advanced technologies give to G3 the leadership as precision mechanics company.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing of final components and prototypes. We can handle small production of parts on behalf of our customers and we offer a complete service from design & engineering to installation of special machines and equipments. We work in some of the most fascinating fields of application for mechanics, such as test sockets for IC components, medical automation systems, space and avionics, paint dispensing and mixing machines, Bicycle industry.

We are considered by our customers excellent partners for our quality management, for the delivery times, for our technical supports after the production and for the reliability that marks our company.


G3 is a company strongly oriented to international clients and markets. Our sockets are installed in production and testing plants worldwide

We collaborate with both italian and multi-international companies that work in the field of semi-conductors. Our sockets are installed to production and testing plants in Asia, Europe and US.

Socket Sector

We design, develop and manufacture test sockets for IC components with both manual and automatic handling. Socket are developed in sinergy with the client and following their specific needs in terms of testing conditions. Custom design is made in order to fit our clients requirements, pending on the typology of dut we are dealing with.

Medical Field

Manufacturing and development support of mechanical components for automated medical systems. Our products fit inside systems from the biggest players worldwide.

Aerospace & Avionics

Manufacturing of precision mechanical components on customer specifications. Dimensional control of mechanical components for aerospace and know how in special materials purpose that satisfy critical athmospheric conditions.


Highly Precise & Flexible Manufacture

Operators experts in milling and CNC machining. Cutting edge 5 axys machines available inisde the workshop for a fast and precise production, plus standard workshop equipment. Flexible and also small production: 10 to 1000 (or more) batch sizes.

CAD/CAM Design and FEM Analysis

We are able to provide a 3d model with drawings to the clients that must be validated in order to proceed with prototypes or manufacturing. With a FEA analysis we evaluate structural resistance and thermal behavior of mechanical and electrical parts.

Quality Management

G3 set a special office in order to achieve compliance of the qualitative standards for both the tooling and the manufacturing processes required by the customer . Tooling quality control is necessary to verify that the item in question meets the customer’s needs as closely as possible, but also to verify that the tooling is able to give the same result during all the production process. The quality control department works closely with the shipping and logistic department, to ensure that the products are packaged and shipped to each customer safetely.
Makes in house pre-test
this process depends on the know-how of our personnel, supported by meticulous analysis of the elements that emerge from the various trials. All sockets are pre- tested in house before being installed in our client site. At the laboratory we are able to replicate the final workplace where socket will be placed ( both for pneumatic supply and temperature condition in termal chambers).
Provides dimensional control tolerance
compliance and surface control on each component produced thanks to: high precision calipers, optical machines, opticals microscopes, surface roughness measuring machines.
Performs pre-assembly test
of all special equipments (assembled manually in house and with meticulous optical control).
Provides continuous control of tooling equipment

We are ISO 9001 certified

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We are ISO 9001 certified

G3 believes in the R&D process, patenting its innovative solutions in the field of test sockets for IC Components.

Officina Meccanica di Precisione G.3 S.n.c. di Gamba W. & C.

More than thirty years of experience, know-how in traditional methods and advanced technologies give to G3 the leadership as precision mechanics company

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We are ISO 9001 certified

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